CCSU Admit Card: CCS university admit card 2020-21 has been released for L.L.M, M.Phil, and B.Sc.(Nursing) entrance examination which is now available on the official website. Admit card for 2020 can be downloaded only through the official website that is provided below.

In order to download admit card the candidate must log in to the official website of CCS University i.e. Through has to follow the appropriate steps and approach by providing the necessary details which can be validated from the back end, then only the respective candidate will be able to get their Admit Card for the entrance test.

CCSU Admit Card Download Online

How Long admit card will be available: Admit card can be viewed or downloaded on or before the last date i.e. Till last week of May 2020. It can be seen only if the candidate fills the form completely in all respective forms on the official website.

Without CCSU Admit Card the candidate will not be allowed or able to appear in the examination hall. The examination will be conducted in the month of June 2020 dates are not yet confirmed, but they can be a slight differ to respective courses like B.Sc. Nursing, L.L.M and M.Phil. It’s Better to download the admit card before the last date. Post the last date admit cards cannot be downloaded which leads to a huge impact.

Admit Card Validity

A hard copy of CCS University admit card has to be carried by the candidate to the examination hall for the initial verification and must to keep along with themselves until the entire admission process is completed. Because it is the thing that helps the candidate and as well as the management to verify and obtain the details.

Exam Pattern & Score Validation

Exam Form Type:

These are conducted as per the CCS University rules and regulations followed by them:

  • As it is competitive exam answers will be validated through OMR sheets, here are few things you need to know like do’s and Don’ts:
  • Don’t write the complete answer on the OMR sheet all you need to do is simply bubble the appropriate option which you felt.
  • For every single question only one option has to be bubbled.
  • In case more than one option is bubbled for a single question then it is considered as an invalid answer.
  • Bubbling in between two options is also an invalid case.
  • Halfway bubbling, moon shape filling and other irregular shape fillings are taken into an invalid case only the provided space has to be utilized.
  • Overlapping with the above or below question options is also considered as an invalid case.
  • Invalid case can also be considered when one common answer is given for all the questions.

Score Validation:

Scores were validated similar like most of the common entrance test by the following ways:

1. In general, 1 mark is the maximum score for a single question, Negative marks are also considered which will cause an effect to the final result.

2. For every correct answer 1 mark will be awarded.

3. For every incorrect answer 1/4th of the mark will be deduced from the marks which are previously obtained.

Example: A person answered 10 questions out of which 8 are correct 2 are incorrect.

As we discussed in the above like 1/4th of the mark will be deduced that can be shown in the below clearly:

Correct (A) = 8X1 = 8 Awarded

Incorrect (B) = 2 x ¼     = 0.5    Deducted

Total (A) – (B)  = 7.5

Hence, after all the deductions the final score will be validated.

For suppose two or more candidate scores are similar in the entrance test, then their ranking would be calculated in different ways based on their previous academic performances. If still there is common match between the scores the merit will be given based on their seniority. However, for the common scores and merits Admission Committee decision will be final.

How to download Admit card?

Step 1: CCS university admit can be downloaded in a simple way. Basically, it’s a two-way step approach.

Step 2: Initially they must navigate to the official website of CCS university thereafter the candidate will be able to download their respective admit card by providing the appropriate details in the necessary blocks.

Step 3: First step to download the admit card is by entering the application number and password. If the candidate is unaware of password like might have forgotten it or any mismatch occurs due to typing errors took place still there is another way to download their CCSU Admit Card

Step 4:Simply by entering the application number and Date of Birth instead of password the format plays a key role here, It must be in YYYYMMDD format not in the regular format DDMMYY or DD-MM-YY for better understanding let us consider the below example.

Example: X is a candidate whose application no is ABC123DEF and the date of birth is about 15th August 1997 now let’s do it in the required format.

Application No: ABC123DEF

Required format: YYYYMMDD

CORRECT WAY: 19970815



As mentioned above are ways like how to fill the form appropriately in a relevant manner. After entering the details now click on the submit button, then the admit card can be displayed on the screen.

Now save the admit card and take a hard copy for further use. If nothing found, then reload the website and re-enter your details and then submit.

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