JNTUH B.Tech & B.Pharm 2-1 R16 Academic Calendar-2019

JNTUH B.Tech B.Pharm 2-1 R16 Calendar: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH) has left its impression in lakhs of candidates life from decades of its journey. For the academic year 2019-20, JNTUH has started the classes for the students in the University and all the other affiliated colleges also. Students who are willing to know about the 1st half of their 2nd year in JNTUH Engineering or Pharmacy colleges, here is the total information on the 2nd-year 1st semester. Be aware of all the dates in the semester such that planning can be done for the preparation and securing good marks and percentage in the exams.

JNTUH B.Tech/ B.Pharm 2-1 R16 Academic Calendar 2019 Results Exams Time Table

S.NoJNTUH 2-1 EventsDates
1JNTUH 2-1 Commencement of College15th July 2019
2Mid Term Exams-112th to 14th September 2019
3Last date for the colleges to submit Mid exam marks to JNTUH20th September 2019
4Parents/ Teacher Meeting21st September 2019
5Holidays for Dussehra Vacation7th to 12th October 2019
6Last working day before exams13th November 2019
7Mid Term Exams-214th to 16th November 2019
8Preparation Holidays & Practical Exams18th to 23rd November 2019
9Last date for the colleges to submit Mid exam marks to JNTUH23rd November 2019
10Final Odd sem Exams 201925th November 2019 to 7th December 2019
11JNTUH 2-1 Results 2019-20In February 2019

About JNTUH Engineering / Pharmacy Education

JNTUH has been started in the region of Kukatpally, a place near Hyderabad long ago. With 37 years of relentless service to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state Under Graduation as well as Post Graduation Education, JNTUH is in its path to define more wisdom to a large number of aspirants. Students from all around 31 districts of Telangana are now studying either in JNTUH or its officially affiliated Engineering/ Pharmacy/ MBA Colleges in the state. According to the official information, there are a total of 291 Affiliated Colleges towards JNTUH and of them, 199 are Engineering colleges, 72 are Pharmacy and 20 are MBA/MCA providing colleges. JNTUH also takes the lateral entries directly to a 2nd year for the Diploma candidates.

JNTUH B.Tech/ B.Pharm 2-1 Academic Calendar 2019:

Students, when they have completed their 1st year in JNTUH in the academic year 2019-20, are now on vacation and are waiting eagerly for their Results. There is no promotion/ demotion based on the exam results as the concept of backlogs exist in JNTUH. Students can directly get into 2nd year and the first half of this academic year is called a 1st Semester which ends with end semester exams.

This year, JNTUH has provided the Notification that colleges need to start the Academic year for the candidates who need the 2nd year education from 15th July 2019. So all the affiliated colleges need to start it by that day and regular classes will be started on the same. Attendance will be counted from the same day. Please go through all the dates corresponding to the 2019-20 academic calendar for the 1st semester of the second year.

JNTUH 2-1 Mid Exams Exam dates 2019:

As the examination branch of JNTUH has levied some critical rules in the marks system, Mid Term or Internal exams have shared in the end semester exams. Every semester, JNTUH conducts Mid exams twice and the average of both the exams is taken into consideration. So students need to concentrate on a small portion of the syllabus and write the mid exams perfectly to improve their score. Every mid-exam schedule has 6 exams where 4 subjects are compulsory and the other 2 are electives that are selected by the college/ students. Each subject carries 25 marks and minimum marks needed to be scored in those subjects without failing it. Mid exams will have both Objectives as well as the subjective paper type.

Respective colleges will be providing or submitting the mid-exam marks to JNTUH within the stipulated time so that they can be added along with 75 end semester marks in each subject. Mid exam marks can be provided after evaluation to the students so that they can check any mistakes in evaluation. Re-exam will be carried out for those students who failed in these exams after the release of Notification from JNTUH. This will be an objective type of paper from JNTUH.

First-term of Mid exams 2019 for JNTUH 2-1: 12th to 14th September 2019

The second term of Mid exams 2019 for JNTUH 2-1: 14th to 16th November 2019

JNTUH 2-1 Dussehra/ Dasara Holidays 2019

This year Dasara or Dussehra commences on 8th October 2019. So as per the state Government’s rule, the first period of vacation for the students will be from 7th October 2019 and they end by 12th October 2019. This is preliminarily released by JNUTH and candidates need to check with JNTUH before the prescribed date as the Government changes it very frequently on a number of holidays to be provided for the students.

JNTUH B.Tech/ B.Pharm 2-1 Practical Exams 2019

For the second year, students will be provided with 2 labs and they need to attend the internal as well as the external lab exams. The internal lab practical exam will carry 25 marks whereas the external lab practical will be for 50 marks. Totally each lab practical will be carrying 75 marks and both combined will carry out a weight age of 150 marks.

This year practical exams can be scheduled any time between 18th November 2019 to 23rd November 2019. An apron is compulsory for any sort of lab practical exam.

JNTUH B.Tech/ B.pharm 2-1 Practical exam dates 2019: 18th to 23rd November 2019

JNTUH B.Tech / B.Pharm 2-1 End sem exams 2019

As we have already discussed the 2-semester policy for the academic year, for the odd semester’s exams JNTUH has chosen December as a perfect month. All the candidates studying in different Engineering/ Pharmacy colleges can actually give the external end semester exams from 25th November 2019 to 7th December 2019. In this period candidates will be provided with the external college centers where the exam can be written so that the transparency can be maintained.

B.Tech and B.Pharm exam Hall tickets for the candidates studying in 2-1 can be provided by the respective colleges before the first exam or at the exam centers. This is for the exam center knowledge and exam date identification. Without the hall ticket, the candidate cannot write the exam in the exam center. Carry the hall ticket along with a pen, pencil, scale, eraser, etc. No books or pads allowed to take the exam.

JNTUH B.Tech/B.Pharm 2-1 Exam Pattern

22 pages of exam answer booklet will be provided for the Students where the answers can be filled. The external paper will be for 70 marks where there are Part-A and Part-B. Part-A carries 14 marks and all the 7 questions needed to be answered for 2 marks each. Part-B carries 56 marks where 4 questions out of 6 are to be answered and each carries 14 marks. Exam duration for 3 Hours.

B.Tech/ B.Pharm 2-1 R16 Results 2019

JNTUH will be evaluating the exam booklets and the respective spot evaluation centers. They will perform the scrutiny in time and uploading the marks on the official website. The official website where the results are uploaded is www.jntuh.ac.in. For the exams conducted in Nov-Dec 2019. JNTUH might release the results in the end week of January 2019 or the first week of February 2019.

In order to download the Results of 2-1, candidates can surf to www.jntuh.ac.in or http://jntuhresults.in/. Where the servers are provided with result sheets. JNTUH Hall ticket number and OB are necessary for the candidate to download the result. Security captcha needed to be entered to get the results.

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